Bagpipe Reeds

Here you can find our bagpipe reeds.

We offer:
Drone reeds
Chanter reeds
Practice reeds

The G1 bagpipe reeds are crafted in small batches, which ensures the platinum quality. Our bagpipe reeds are being played at the top of grade one by Inveraray and District and many other top bands.

Our top selling bagpipe reeds are:
G1 Platinum Pipe Reed
G1 Original Pipe Reed
G1 Practice Chanter Reed
G1 Cane Drone Reeds
Platinum Concert pitch B♭ Reed
G1 Platinum Reed – Key of A

We also offer a deluxe box with 5 platinum bagpipe reeds.


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G1 Copper Pipe Reed


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G1 Cane Drone Reeds